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Let the battle commence!

Program your way to victory in this strategic combat game.

Build the ultimate Robot Warrior

Giant robots and JavaScript are your weapons of choice as you program your way to victory in this strategic combat game. No previous coding knowledge is required to crack the code as the game guides you from a beginner, to coder, to warrior. Let the battle commence!

  • Action packed game modes

    Hone your coding skills with Single Player Challenges and Boot Camps

  • Build your robot!

    Create your ultimate Robot Warrior in the Chop Shop, a mega marketplace full of weapons, robots, and paints

  • Battle Friends!

    Compete against your Facebook friends with a large arsenal of weapons and in four awesome arenas

  • Trackable progress

    View detailed breakdowns of your coding ability to fine tune your skills

What is Code Warriors?

Code Warriors is a game designed to introduce children and young people to programming JavaScript, one of the world’s most commonly used programming languages. The aim of Code Warriors is to provide an exciting introduction to the world of coding and help players understand some simple concepts.

Code Warriors is a turn-based strategy game for two players, similar to chess. Players start at opposing ends of the board with two programmable battle robots, known as ‘CodeWarriors’ and a Power Core to defend. The aim for each player is to reach their opponent‘s Power Core and destroy it, whilst protecting their own. The first player to destroy their opponent’s Power Core wins the match. CodeWarriors carry various weapons and can be programmed to battle each other as they move around the board. Players can also choose Single Player Challenges to hone their programming skills between matches.


Mighty battle robots. Choose between the slow and powerful Tank class or the lighter, more agile Scouts. CodeWarriors can be customised in their appearance and weapons.

Battle Arena

The 8x10 board where Code Warriors matches take place. There are four different battle arenas to choose each with different obstacles.

Power Core

Situated at each end of the board, Players must defend their own PowerCore whilst attempting to destroy their opponents.

"There's a lot of talk at the moment about encouraging children to learn programming skills, and a growing number of apps aiming to help. Code Warriors is one of the most intriguing ones."


Benefits you will love & enjoy

The Code Warriors dashboard is an exciting new development that allows teachers to monitor student progress across a range of Learning Outcomes based on the Computing at School Progression Pathways. It gives detailed insight into single student progress, a group, or a whole class.

Providing students with real-time feedback helps them learn better and faster. The learning analytics displayed in the Code Warriors dashboard will not only help students engage in their own progress, it will reveal to teachers where students are successful and where they may be stumbling, what activities to undertake to reinforce understanding, and which will facilitate learning. Taking strands from the Computers and School Progression Pathways, teachers will be able to map learning in the game to the new National Curriculum.

Track Progress

Monitor student progress across a variety of Learning Outcomes

Teacher Dashboard

At a glance learning analytics for responsive teaching

Visible Results

Seeing progress in the dashboard motivates students

Let the battle commence

Guide your class as they program their way to victory in this strategic combat game